Parking Management
iP Services provides every level of support you may need to effectively manage your parking structure or surface lot. We are able to customize our offering to meet your needs and budget.
Our parking management services include:
On-site staffing and Management
Property Maintenance

(paving, asphalt repair, striping and layout, proper signage, etc.)


(P&L and short- and long-term budgets)

Valet Services
Contact Management

(elevators, fire /suppression, phone, etc.)

Safety Inspections
Amenity Offerings
We provide
parking management services for several types of facilities
Office/Commercial Buildings
Retail and Mixed-use
Hotels and Restaurants
iP Services will partner with you to manage your parking facility or event needs

Consulting Services

Consulting parking services by offering tailored strategies and technology integration to optimize operations, enhance security, and improve user experience in parking facilities.
We collaborate with partners across many industries including Airports, NFL, NBA, MLB, hotels, and event centers, delivering tailored parking solutions and consulting services. 


Event Parking

Whether your event is one night or several weeks, we can provide a full range of services to ensure parking is safely and efficiently managed, leaving every attendee with a positive impression from the moment they arrive.

LPR License Plate Recognition

LPR technology revolutionizes parking management by combining automation, accuracy, and efficiency to optimize vehicle identification, access control, increase revanue and security in parking facilities.